Rep Spotlight - Audrey

Liv Rich Boutique

Our first LRB order was when the shop was still called Hippy Crochet and Craft, September 2016 I think. I discovered LyTysha and her shop through networking with local Florida small shops and brand reps.

My first order was a Police Cars headwrap for Audrey so she could do a Photoshoot with her Law Enforcement Officer Uncle. It was in 2016 and Audrey was just a little over a year old. 😭😭

This was the beginning of our love for this amazing company. I soon began ordering regularly and just getting to know LyTysha and her sweet little one Olivia.

I celebrated her rebrand and was so excited to join her team eventually. I’ve seen the company grow and Lytysha’s talent just blossom! I’ve always loved her products but after the rebrand it was a new level of awesome.

Our favorite thing in our closet right now is the Leotard’s offered in the shop, we have a pretty awesome stash and adding more all the time.

I’ve taken our LRB from Florida to Virginia and finally to our new home in South Carolina. What’s more is the quality is simply amazing. We still have pieces from years ago that hold up so well. We still have and use our police headwrap and this Christmas dress from last Christmas works so perfectly now as a tunic.

What’s more is there is something so special about getting to know the person who makes your clothing. I’ve been able to actually meet LyTysha and our girls Audrey and Olivia have even done two photo shoots together two years in a row, a tradition I think we’ll try to keep going each summer as long as we can!



I love supporting this amazing shop in this world where fast fashion is so prevalent - people are used to being able to just go to the store and grab a new outfit bring it home for pennies on the dollar what you spend could in small shops it really makes you think why we decide to order a product online, it is typically more expensive than store bought goods, then have to wait weeks for it to be delivered... it is very simple for me. I know how those items got in that big box store and usually it was at great cost to human rights. That low price comes at a high cost when you factor in conditions items were made in and that the person profiting off that purchase is a drop in the bucket to them which trickles down very poorly to their workers.

I prefer to spend my money at a company where I know the conditions are fair, the person making my items are compensated properly and they even go the extra mile to include a special note in our package, and sometimes even a special little gift for Audrey like a coloring page or stickers she loves. These little things make shopping small so worth it. Not to mention the amazing quality of handmade that makes the products we purchase last years and years.

We love this sweet shop and highly recommend it. We will be LRB supporters for life or as long as they make stuff we can fit in. 😂🙌

Order something awesome from this amazing shop and use code: AUDREY15 to save on your order.

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